Study Materials

I have written 5 Bible Study curriculum. These titles and are short synopsis are useful tools in small and large group Bible study settings 

Meeting with God: A Study of the Tabernacle (1993)

Here you will learn about the symbolism and the connection God made with the Children of Israel and His earthly tabernacle. The incredible truths of how Jesus' life was the demonstration and fulfillment of God "tabernacling" with His people.


From Ruin to Restoration: A 12 step study from the book of Nehemiah (1997)

This is a recovery centered bible study that uses the theme of wall restoration and the promises that God uses all things, including our pain to grow and transform us. 

Grace: God’s Unique Gift (2000)


Through the lens of Grace, we peer into the gift of God that is offered freely to all. 

For the Bible tells me so: Lessons from the parables of Jesus (2001)

Jesus, the ultimate teacher has presented life lessons that can be applied to all of human kind. This study walks through several of His best known parables.

Trusting God when life’s not fair (2003)

Life has a way of throwing us into confusion and fear. Through the example of Old Testament and New Testament heroes of faith, we will learn that while life isn't fair, God always is.