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My name is Amy Bowlin and I am a teacher and a writer. I am excited to share some of the books I've written and  explore others that have been written by others. 


I want to invite you to post questions and share thoughts about books you are reading and ones that you are writing!


Learning through literature, whether it is written by you or by others is a great way to grow and share ideas, inspiration, hopes and dreams!


My Heritage


I come from a long line of educators and writers, who love books, words, learning and laughing. My Grandmother Mary Burkett wrote and published her memoirs "Our Haitus Port" a tongue and cheek reflection of the restoration project she and my Grandfather Lowell Burkett took on in the 1970's. 

I learned how to weave words from an early age as I listened to the family stories shared by my other grandmother, Rachel Ashman Bowlin. How her family transplanted to Virginia and the capers she and her siblings had on the family dairy farm.

My Story


Telling stories and reading stories have been a place that has always warmed my heart. I am a teacher and incorporating story into my work with children and adults has come easily.

I have taught for 30 years in the public, private and higher education arenas. 

My other artistic palate besides words is gardening. Putting sweat equity into a project and watching nature do her thing is breathtaking.

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